Assessment and consulting


No two customers are the same, there are no identical systems or 100 x 100 replicable processes. For this reason, at QUALIS LAB we place emphasis on a first stage of consulting, where we manage to help our clients detect the maturity of the processes, the weaknesses and strengths of the practices and jointly analyze the current situation to identify opportunities for improvement.

Methodology: Assessments center


From our experts in Testing & Automation, we will generate training spaces in the handling of tools, development of skills and transmission of key concepts. Our purpose is to achieve a consolidated team that can carry out the functional and automated testing stages, thus scaling a higher level of quality.

 We evaluate the specific needs in the consulting stage.

 We collaborate in the definition of the teams to be strengthened in the tool or practice that is required.

 We generate content and material tailored to the client.

 We provide permanent support that accompanies the training instance to achieve better results in the first stages of self-management.

 We define training modalities that adapt to the possibilities of each client, the available resources and the tools and practices that are required to work.