Quality & Testing Innovation Lab

Our own research and innovation laboratory, run by our team of experts in automation and testing, allows us to develop frameworks using open source tools, and perform tests on all the tools with which we work. In this way, we provide more reliable, efficient and complete solutions to our customers.

CENTA: an orchestrator with the best automation solutions on the market.

In our research laboratory where, in addition to constantly testing new tools on the market, we analyze and investigate new solutions, we create new, reliable, convenient products to continue developing the area of testing and automation.
We have developed a tool based on Selenium, Apium and Windows application Driver that allows us to create tests and automated processes to perform unattended actions. An orchestrator that centralizes the best automation solutions on the market.
It is an automation center that allows us to offer our clients an improved and more robust version of an open source tool.


Automatic processes can take the data for execution from different sources: Excel files, plain text files or even from a database.

 Emulation of actions.
The tool emulates all the actions that a person performs autonomously.

At the end of each process, a report is obtained that shows all the interactions carried out. In addition, the data required for the executed process is identified and saved.


Processes can be executed on a scheduled basis, with Task managers or integration tools. This means that the interaction of a person is not necessary for the execution of the processes and the possibility of executing them during non-productive hours.

Reduction of up to 50% of execution time compared to the manual process.

No licensing and/or user costs.