Process & task automation

Automation at the level of tasks and processes allows organizations greater agility, efficiency and optimization of resources.

Automating tasks involves a method of managing basic tasks in order to ensure that they are completed successfully; and allocate human resources to the execution of more complex and fundamental tasks. Likewise, process automation is an ongoing methodology used to identify, implement, improve, and analyze an organization's business processes to ensure they are running efficiently.
Its main benefits:
 Greater consistency
 Best Quality
 Costs reduction
 Increased profitability
 Reduction of possible human errors
 Better performance

At Qualis Lab we rely on the use of CENTA, a Selenium-based tool, an orchestrator that centralizes the best automation solutions on the market.

Through CENTA, we can automate a series of simple, routine tasks that will streamline processes, save time and resources, as well as allow specialists to work on other more involved or more complex actions.