Vulnerability & security

At Qualis Lab we know that, in addition to quality, systems must be safe. Technological innovation encompasses more and more sectors and processes, some very sensitive to issues related to security and vulnerability, in relation to processes, information, profiles, among others.
For this reason, we propose an end-to-end application security solution.


Code analysis: understand development code defects based on maintainability, portability, efficiency, and reality features.
Life cycle: audit software development orders, by different providers, defining checkpoints and modifications to compare.
Data governance: manage the application portfolio, understand business risks and be able to be predictive in the analysis to make the best decisions.


Our vulnerability testing process includes a systematic examination of an organization's network, security policies and controls. The purpose is to determine the adequacy of security measures, to identify deficiencies, to provide data from which to predict the effectiveness of possible security measures, and to confirm the effectiveness of such measures after their implementation.

We provide differential Testing solutions with products certified by the best partners in the market.