From the technological evolution in business, we know that the user experience is the point of greatest value generation.

UX/UI Testing creates the right balance between great user experience and site functionality to achieve your business goals.

The value of having information in real time, knowing the user experience and what makes your users uncomfortable is essential for the evolution of your systems and, as a consequence, the evolution of your business.

Analyzing and enhancing that user experience is now possible through Digital Intelligent. User experience testing is a process of collecting qualitative and quantitative data while the user is interacting with a web product or service.

There is a great variety of tests that must be carried out in order to obtain valuable information from all the actions that the user goes through throughout their applications, systems and products. Session recordings, heat maps, page surveys, form analytics, usability reviews, and funnels.

Discovering how, why and for what the user visits your website today is essential to achieve continuous improvement by generating an attractive, memorable and agile user experience.

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