We are experts in Automation of Testing. Innovation and development lab of tools that will improve the processes of testing, quality, security, and usability of systems.

Testing Manual Automation

To provide the right digital experiences, we need to test the products from start to finish, ensuring quality and usability throughout the entire process.

Test Manual

Manual testing is essential to evaluate functionality in a specific context and is performed as an end user would to detect failures and ensure correct operation. At Qualis Lab, we guarantee quality and usability in digital applications by adapting tests according to needs.

Test Automation

In a good test automation strategy, the generation of automatic scripts, the parameterization of the tests, data management, the creation of a reporting system and the development of automation frameworks coexist. All of this is possible when behind the tools there is a team of experts who carry it out.

Testing Mobile

We test your applications on real devices and emulators to find defects and deliver quality versions on time. In our testing lab, we continually innovate to ensure your apps are bug-free on all types of mobile devices, incorporating automated testing.

Stress Testing

Simulating millions of users realistically, analyzing the performance of your applications in high-demand situations and monitoring your servers under web stress is possible with a stress test of your products. At Qualis Lab we have specific tools that create and execute scenarios that emulate the reality of application use.

UX & UI Testing

Helps identify and solve usability and design problems, which improves user satisfaction. In addition, it contributes to customer retention, while reducing long-term costs by avoiding future problems. At Qualis Lab, we focus on ensuring that your digital products are attractive, functional and easy to use, which translates into greater success in the market.

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